Prompt 3: Confronting an element from a character’s past

By: moranzipan (Team Moran)

My take on the Sally Donovan/Sherlock relationship. 

Set immediately after Reichenbach

Sally Donovan didn’t quite believe it until she saw his body rolled into the morgue, a sheet covering his long body. Even then, she wanted to believe it wasn’t true. It was a stupid game of his, and he was going to get up and gloat that he had tricked the doctors into thinking he was dead.

But then little Molly Hooper came out in her labcoat, tears in her eyes, and nodded at the people gathered in the waiting room.

“He’s gone.”

The breath that everyone had been holding came out in a sob, and Sally fled the room, covering her face with her hands. She collapsed to the ground just outside the room, in a long, monochrome hallway that smelled of disinfectant, wrapped her arms around her knees, and cried.

After a moment, she heard soft footsteps, and someone sat on the floor next to her. Too far gone to care about the makeup running down her face, she looked up to see Molly, in no better shape than she.

“It isn’t your fault you know.”

“What are you talking about? It is my fault.” Sally’s voice cracked on every syllable, and she had to gasp for breath between sentences. “He—he always said not to let emotions get in the way. But I did, and it… Killed him.”

Molly tilted her head, her voice slightly more even than the sergeant’s. “What do you mean?”

“I—I…” She took a long breath, trying to calm down. “The first time he came to a crime scene, all tall, dark and handsome, he had it solved within ten minutes. You know how he is… Was. I was head over heels for him in another hour.”

The girl next to her nodded in sympathy.

Sally went on, the tears coming in a fresh wave. “And he knew, of course he knew. When I tried to tell him—he embarrassed me in front of half the police force. I thought he did it on purpose. I didn’t know how he worked, back then. I didn’t get that he was just… Like that. To everyone.”

Molly offered a tearful smile. “Yeah… I know.”

“And I guess, since then, I’ve just been… Out for him. To make him understand what it felt like, or something. And I just—I just—I never wanted this to happen, never!”

Molly put an arm around her shoulders. “I know.”

Sally buried her face in the girl’s labcoat, and they cried together.